Feature Detection: Past, Present, and near Future.

Since the beginning of the Browsers’ War in the 1990’s, web developers have been trying to use the latest and more innovative features implemented in popular browsers. The problem was that most of those features were not available in all browsers and they had to make some “tricks” to know when to use them. In this post I, am going to discuss briefly the popular techniques used in order to detect the features supported by the browsers. Also, how this affects users with browsers that do not support them.
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The future looks bright!

Since we moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States, my life has changed drastically. In just three years, I finished college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I was awarded with Outstanding Student award from the College of General Studies. Also, I finished a Masters from the University of Denver, where I graduated in with a Master’s of Applied Sciences in Information Technology, with a concentration of Web Design and Development. But, the most important thing is that my wife and I have a BEAUTIFUL BOY who is a blessing from heaven. And to make this even better, we are expecting a new baby! So many great things have happened in just three short years! Continue reading