Consider People with Disabilities in Your Projects

The other day, I had a discussion with some friends about Accessibility in Web Applications. I strongly believe in the use of usability in startups and creating a more democratized and inclusive web. However, this is not the case in for most applications, where they designate most of their resources in flashing animations that don’t add anything to the application itself.
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Four Common Mistakes Using Text on the Web

As web development (I am generalizing and including all the fields and parts of web development) is a career that we need to keep studying and learning constantly, I usually read a lot books and specially blogs. I have tons of books that I read and study; however, books tend to take a while before they are published with new trends or technologies, which is very crucial for us to keep updated. On the other side, blogs and online magazines release new articles on regular basis, and they post about new technologies and techniques before it is released by any publisher. Thus, reading online is part of my daily basis, however usually I cannot finish reading some articles because the lack of basic usability principles on implemented. Here are some common typography mistakes made by many websites, and I hope you find it useful. Continue reading

Book Review: The New Smashing Magazine’s Mobile Book

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from Smashing Magazine as a Reviewer. However, I did not receive any payment or conditions for my review.

After spending a week reading the Mobile Book in my spare time (Yes I read it!), I have the satisfaction of providing my sincere review.  Feel free to ask me any specific questions in the comment section, and if you have read it, please feel free to give your own opinions as well.

Even though you may think this book is about Responsive Web Design, this book is really intended to go beyond RWD, as it covers designing for mobile devices in general (Native and Web apps). RWD is covered in the second part of the book, but it is just part of a larger topic. So, please don’t think that this book is about RWD. In fact, Smashing Magazine has another book named Responsive Design that covers this topic in detail. Continue reading

Don’t say the obvious

During my years using the web and electronics, I have seen a common pattern on some of the applications I had used. It is the redundancy of telling me the obvious. In this post, I will take an example from my DVD player from Sony that has this particular problem. Continue reading

Feature Detection: Past, Present, and near Future.

Since the beginning of the Browsers’ War in the 1990’s, web developers have been trying to use the latest and more innovative features implemented in popular browsers. The problem was that most of those features were not available in all browsers and they had to make some “tricks” to know when to use them. In this post I, am going to discuss briefly the popular techniques used in order to detect the features supported by the browsers. Also, how this affects users with browsers that do not support them.
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The future looks bright!

Since we moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States, my life has changed drastically. In just three years, I finished college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I was awarded with Outstanding Student award from the College of General Studies. Also, I finished a Masters from the University of Denver, where I graduated in with a Master’s of Applied Sciences in Information Technology, with a concentration of Web Design and Development. But, the most important thing is that my wife and I have a BEAUTIFUL BOY who is a blessing from heaven. And to make this even better, we are expecting a new baby! So many great things have happened in just three short years! Continue reading